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I am a fine art nature photographer, and winter’s beauty is my passion.

JulieandHughXmas20101aPhotography is my creative way to express and share my love for nature with others. I try to capture the uniqueness and beauty that the casual observer might over look - patterns, colors, textures, and stories. To create an unusual perspective I don’t hesitate to get down on my hands and knees or on my belly, yes, even in the snow, or get in the water.

I grew up knowing my uncle as the man behind the camera. He was an avid photographer. Despite my early exposure to a shutter always clicking at family holidays, I was in my late 20s, while in massage school, that I took an interest in photography. I soon realized I had a good eye for subject, composition and color. I used it as an excuse to go for a hike or spend a leisurely day at a botanical garden.

A number of years later a friend and teacher gave me some wise advice:

"If you want to continue enjoying photography, do not go into it as a profession."

At the time, I heeded his advice and chose to pursue bodywork as my profession. I figured it was easier to pay for the photography as a hobby, than to do bodywork as a hobby. It was a very enjoyable creative outlet.

Now many years later, photography plays a larger role in my professional life. I exhibit my work at art shows and select galleries. In 2012, Whitehead Press published a collection of my winter images and essays in an award winning coffee table book entitled Art of Winter: A Photographic Essay.

My work is about the beauty rather than the location. For some images I am lucky - I was in the right place at the right time, such as getting close ups of an otter searching for breakfast or a richly colored sunrise, even if it meant I had to crawl out of my warm bed earlier than I’d otherwise prefer. Other images are created due acute observation, such as seeing a reflection of a double rainbow, or due to persistence, by taking of hundreds of images a day to get the right light and vantage point.

JulieshootingraccoonsHaving twice missed a great shot of a bear, I now carry a camera where ever I go, as I never know when the next great image will present itself.

I hope you enjoy!

Custom prints, greeting cards and other specialized items are available directly from me or at Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a print or an image to use electronically or in print. I'd be happy to talk with you.


A technical note about my images:

With the capabilities of digital photography and software programs, many artists offer images for sale that have been manipulated or enhanced; some obviously so, others it is more subtle. My goal is to offer images that I see as nature presents herself, so I use only the same types of photographic adjustments that are available in a traditional darkroom. While some artists may say I am limiting myself, I consider it a challenge to present art that is both beautiful and true to life.

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Portfolio -
A collection of photographs taken throughout the United States and various places in Europe.

Water and Sky -
Mutable and transforming,
never the same twice.


Best of Shelter Island -
The northwoods of the Upper Peninsula.


More Winter -
Winter's beauty never ceases to amaze and intrigue.

Belize -
Stunning underwater photography is able to be had off the coast of Belize.

NorthChannelAug2011001194a1 NorthChannelAug2011001194b

Longwood Gardens -
The best place to photograph Spring is at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Vietnam -
There is lots to see and do in 2 weeks in Northern Vietnam.

Part 1

Part 2

NorthChannelAug2011001194a2 NorthChannelAug2011001194b1

The Everglades -
Here there is always something to see.

London -
A brief two day visit to London.

NorthChannelAug2011001194a3 NorthChannelAug2011001194b2

Canada's North Channel -
The best way to see the
North Channel is by sailboat.


A Drummond Spring -
Bursting tree
buds and the calls of sand hill cranes are harbingers of spring.


Dissection -
The best way to learn about the body is to exploring it - outside and in!
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A Northwoods Portfolio -
Through the seasons there is plenty flora and fauna for the eye to enjoy


Art of Winter -
Stunning creations are
made from ice and snow.


View a some of my videos posted on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I post additional videos.

Brave/Dare the Storm - What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Art of Winter - A video introduction to my coffee table book Art of Winter.

Quarry Blast - I was invited to photograph a blasting at the Drummond Island quarry on October 2013. Be sure to watch the very last minute to have a smile put on your face.

Viewing instructions: Click on an image to open a gallery page for each collection.

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