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It is one of those stories that starts with "A friend of a friend of a friend..."

The short version is I was introduced to Bill Sutton the director of VISTA Labs in Baltimore, MD. He showed me around the lab and told me what they did there - made available a facility almost like an operating room where doctors and students could come learn new procedures on fresh-frozen cadaver specimens. (Yes, human.)

I asked him if I could bring some people from my CranioSacral Therapy Study Group for a day. "Sure!" he replied enthusastically as he loved to help people learn. We anticipated three or four people to join me, I had 10 therapists signed up and more wanting to do it the next time.

Thus far I've lead six dissection classes (with more to come) focusing on the central nervous system and craniosacral system, relating it to the manual therapies that therapists of all types utilize.

These are pictures from each exploration. Some people have appreciated what they can learn from these photos. One participant said that seeing the photos, after the class, was more "gruesome" than what she saw in person. Part of that is because, in person, you see layer by layer, rather than "surprise!"

More information about my dissection classes can be found on my therapy websites, see also the "Classes" link above.

Just let me know if you are interested in purchasing a print or an image to use electronically or in print. I'd be happy to talk with you.

I know you are really curious and want to see these dissection pictures; that is why you clicked on the previous link.

Well in respect to someone who might have in advertently clicked where they didn't want to I am providing that person a chance to go to another page.

Click the links below to see that the body reveals.

August 2009 Dissection

January 24 2011 Dissection

October 2009 Dissection

January 31 2011 Dissection

March 2010 Dissection

Mouth Work Dissection May 2011

August 2010 Dissection

August 2011 Dissection

September 2010 Dissection

February 6 2012 Dissection

November 2010 Dissection

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