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I love to write.

Island Living

My first blog, "Island Living," began as emails that were actually long epistles to my friends and family about my experiences while visiting Hugh, my partner, at his home, off the grid, on Shelter Island. I figured it was easier to write everyone at once than to have to retell the same stories and answer the same questions over and over each time I visited someone or spoke with them on the phone.

Then someone suggested I turn my stories or memoirs into a book. And another friend suggested the same thing, "Julie, you should write a book about living on Shelter Island."

I decided that I would post my writings on a blog so that anyone who chose to read my postings could. Also when the day comes to put a manuscript together and present it to a publisher, hopefully I'll have a loyal readership that shows there's interest in this type of story - living an unconventional life, off the grid, in the modern day.

To access my "Island Living" blog simply click and it will take you to my blog on Then read the Home page first, unless you have already been following my escapades.


South on a Schooner

October 2011 I had the opportunity to join Hugh on a trip of a life time. He was asked to take a 65-foot schooner, Appledore V, from Cheboygan, MI, down Lake Michigan to Chicago and down the river system to the Gulf of Mexico and finally arrive in Fort Myers, FL. My blog "South on a Schooner" tells all out our trip with six other guys and includes photographs.You can read it at


Manifest Your Match

Friends have consistently asked me what I did to meet someone as wonderful as my now husband, Hugh. I have put in writing what I did to manifest my marvelous match. If you are wanting some insights on how to clarify what it is that you want in a life partner, join the conversation at


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