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Praise for Art of Winter

"Winter allows nature's brush to go wild. Art of Winter is a photographic essay from Julie M. Covert as she seeks the artistic nature of winter, and nature's unique ways of using ice and water in colorful ways, showing the crystallization of frost, along with her own commentary on the the beauty of winter and why she has come to strongly enjoy it. Art of Winter is a full color and much recommended pick for coffee table book collections, highly recommended."

- Midwest Book Review

"Delicate, sensitive, provocative in simplicity of seeing. Impressive images of a winter's landscape."  

- David Muench, master landscape photographer and author of Our National Parks and Ancient America


"Art of Winter is a stunning work in form, light, and texture. Julie Covert has put together a wonderful collection of images that conveys the beauty and the pristine solitude of winter.  Her frame-filling compositions of ice are works of art worthy of being framed. Julie’s sensitivity to natural light shows in each of her images, taking advantage of the two most beautiful lighting conditions in nature – sunrise/sunset and soft, diffused light.  I’ve seen Julie’s photography mature over the course of many years, and it’s a pleasure to see this culmination of  her artistry and technical expertise in photography.

- Jim Zuckerman, teacher, master photographer and author of Techniques of Natural Light Photography and Pro Secrets of Dramatic Digital Photos


"The images in Art of Winter are stunning. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I’ve been here for 27 years and each year become more and more sick of the snow. Your images caused me to actually appreciate the splendor and wonder of the textures and subtle shifts of color and light. This book is a really gorgeous work.”

- Julia Kozerski, fine art photographer


"Handsome in design and remarkable in its detail, Julie M. Covert's Art of Winter pays tribute to a national treasure that is the Great Lakes. Feast your eyes on this very personal collection — from the stormy to the serene, and the marvelous to the strange — these many faces of Lake Huron in the crush of winter will excite your senses. You will want to be there."

- Rob Benchley, photographer & co-author of Scallop Season: a Nantucket Chronicle and Keeping the Light


"Complaining about winter is a birthright for most citizens of the Great Lakes region. From childhood, we are reared to dread what amounts to 25% or more of a calendar year. Art of Winter illustrates just how wrongheaded that native aversion is. Wandering Lake Huron’s boreal north shore with camera in tow, Julie McKay Covert reminds us all that if you’re dressed appropriately, Winter is in fact the most splendid of seasons."

- Chris Winters, photojournalist, Great Lakes maritime historian and author of Centennial: Steaming Through the American Century


"Winter has long been one of my favorite seasons to photograph and Julie has captured the reasons why. Beautiful light and colors, unique subject matter and of course a sense of adventure. Winter however is the most challenging season, with frigid temps, deep snow and slippery surfaces that threaten to dump you into icy waters or send you tumbling with expensive camera gear in hand. Julie has braved these elements to bring home a collection of stunning images that capture the nuances and incredible beauty of this most splendid season. Art of Winter belongs on the bookshelf of everyone who loves the snow covered scapes of the Northland."

- Steve Brimm, Photographer and publisher of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Spirit of Place

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From the Ely Winter Times:
"Art of Winter by Julie Covert banishes the bleakness of winter with photographs that show the rich colors and textures of snow and ice as it forms and transforms through the cold months that provide much of the character of the Great Lakes region. Silver stacks of crystals, great mounds of wave-sculpted snow, rocks and trees, otter and grouse, and a tiny bit of wintery humankind remind the readerof what awaits beyond the cozy sofa when they tire of indoor air. This is a book to share around the fireplace, to bring out on hot summer nights, to pass along to anyone still waiting to discover the beauty of the longest season."


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