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Acknowledgments for Art of Winter

And many thanks to my supporters:

Pehr Ådale

Susan Ager

Jean & Leighton Anderson

Gerry & Betty Bailey

Lori Baumgartner

Bill Beaver

The Bebee Family

Kathy Benua

Neil Bixler

Dr. Sharon Bock

Marcia & Fred Bowman

Laurie Brooks

Drs. Rebeccah &

Jason Brown

Ray Cammisa

Mardi Campbell

Margaret Clay

Lee & Nancy Coats

David & Joan Colbert

Candis Collick

Lynne Coulter

Knox Cummin

Dam Site Inn

Pat Davis & Betsy Hagens

Mark & Cooper DeLeBarre

Kimberly Dudek-Lovell

John Eldinger

R Bruce Farmer

Mike Firoved

Fort Drummond Marine and Resort

Betsy Granek

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gratowski

Sarah R Hammond

Michael Harrington

Fran Hisler

Brenda Jean Hopkins

Bert Hotton

Barbara Ireland

The Islander Shoppe

Roger Jaarsma

Kimberley Juras


Mermie Karger

Michelle Kelly

Chick & Velma Krininger

John William Lasher II

Wanda Lehman

Karen & Clark Lincoln

Jane Lindsey

Victoria Mansuri

Susan Mathason, LMT

Rachel McKay

Willard McKay

Ken Miller

Corwyn Y Miyagishima

Mark & Elizabeth Morris

Christina Graham Muir

Ann Mayo Muir

Jeannie Mitchell Myers

Bernie & Maggie Nebel North Haven Gifts

Lorraine Ogrodnick

John & Marie Peine

Pfeil Millonzi, SC

Michelle Emanuel Price

Larry & Marlene Reeves

Cal & Elaine Roberts

Donald & Kathleen Schulz

Eldon E & Vivienne Seaman

Douglas Seaman & Tracy Cowden

Jim & Donna Siler

Nancy Sprecher

The Paul Strom Family

Helen Sutterfield

Christopher R Todd

Ron & Carol Verran

Bobbi Wade

Sue Wallenius Welch

Clyde E Williams & Sara W Parrish


Jan Yates

Diane Youells

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Rob Benchley, Tom McInvaille, Ralph Russo, Chris Winters and Jim Zuckerman for encouraging me to follow my artistic dreams.

Julie McKay Covert